Our security solutions create a safer environment, in which one can work and live pleasantly. A safe environment is key to boost your competitiveness – further investments, business partners and skilled workers can be attracted more easily.

24/7 trusted security solution

Provide protection for people and assets to prevent vandalism, intrusion, burglary, violence and other threats. Minimize crime by establishing an infrastructure which allows the police, the fire brigade and the rescue teams to react more accurately and quickly.

Access surveillance

Keep your facility and employees safe by using our sophisticated access control systems. You will have a detailed overview about who enters, stays and leaves your facility.

Reaction without delay

Access the data from anywhere with an online security management portal that enables to notify appropriate staff when a security issue arises.


Create a safe, secure and healthy environment and confidence in your city or facility.

Establish a real-time audio and video analytics system to detect criminal activities and provide pedestrians with a possibility to send an emergency signal.

The real-time audio and video analytics system can be installed with a camera-based streaming option as well. Therefore, the customer can get visual access to locations which are in danger to become a crime scene day and night.

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