Get valuable mobility data by capturing the real-time conditions of the road traffic. Access detailed and predictive information about the road users from anywhere. By making efficient use of the current capacity you can make people’s daily life more comfortable and significantly contribute to a healthy economy.

Optimized traffic flow

Upgrade the traffic management in your city or enterprise by monitoring the traffic flow in general or the vehicle fleet in specific.

Better parking management

Improve the parking management in your city or enterprise by efficiently using the parking spaces.

Less pollution and time on the road

Improve the air quality and reduce atmospheric pollution by shortening the time vehicles spend on the road.


Keep up with the rising mobility demands: With our smart solutions for mobility, you can efficiently manage and control the traffic flow in your city.

Increase the efficiency of current capacities by real-time monitoring of available parking spaces and use of an efficient vehicle guidance that allows the drivers to find the free parking space easily, safely and quickly.

Our icePARKING solution is based on a combination of on-ground sensors with video cameras and digital billboards displaying availability. The sensors recognize whether the space is empty or occupied.


Get valuable insights about the movement and dwell time by real-time monitoring the number of vehicles and people passing by.

Our iceCOUNT solution is based on detection and analysis of Bluetooth devices.

Measure real-time traffic flow of vehicles between defined points and develop an optimal transport network with efficient movement of traffic and minimal traffic congestion problems.

Our iceFLOW solution is based on detection and analysis of Bluetooth devices between two points.

Determine the current and past location of pre-defined vehicles on the roads in a real-time database using track & trace system.

Use electric vehicle charging stations for a wide range of commercial property and city needs. It offers a considerable financial and sustainable benefit, promotes an environment friendly travel method.

Our iceCHARGING solution is based on a combination of mobile edge computer (iceMEC) and various types of charging stations.

Help visually impaired people to have a safer and more comfortable life by implementing our accessibility system for public transport.

A box with integrated mobile edge computer (iceMEC), noise sensor, loudspeaker and service button is mounted on a bus stop and allows blind passenger to request information about routes and incoming vehicles.
Another box with an integrated iceMEC that communicates with the box mounted on a public transport stop is installed in buses / trams and announces station names using text-to-speech software.

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