Ecology & IoT

Add digital intelligence to your existing infrastructure and keep pace with today’s fast and ever-changing environment. Growing urbanization and population growth leads to pervasive urban air pollution, rise in energy demands and need for increased efficiency. Data plays an important role in helping cities and enterprises to analyze and manage these challenges.

Environmental insights

The solution can be used to monitor the air quality, weather conditions, noise and waste levels anywhere - in the city, inside commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, warehouses and other industrial areas.

Location-based monitoring

Cities can map areas of high pollution, track changes over time, identify pollution particles on a street-by-street basis, and analyze potential interventions (e.g. transport planning).

Data-driven decisions

City planners, factory owners and other professionals can make informed decisions on how to protect the health of workers, reduce emissions and meet clean air guidelines. And people can make better and more informed choices about how they spend their time indoors or outdoors.


By monitoring the air quality, climate and weather, noise and waste level, you gather valuable data that help you make better decisions to maintain your health and safety and increase your business’ productivity.

Measure the air quality, climate, weather, noise and the state of the road to make better and more informed choices.  

Our solution for real-time and location-based monitoring uses a network of smart sensors connected to mobile edge computer (iceMEC) which periodically collects and sends measurement data to a management system.

Improve the overall waste management with real-time monitoring of waste fill levels, optimizing waste collection routes, frequencies and vehicle loads.

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