At a glance: the general advantages, the technical implementation and the price model of the ICE Gateway solutions


Be flexible. The ICE Smart City applications can be tailored to your current needs and can easily be adjusted or expanded after the first installation – like applications on a smart phone.


Be good to go. The installation and commissioning of our hard- and software is a plug-and-play process. As a result, your ICE Smart City applications are up and running in less than two hours.


Be safe and sound. Our secure network solution and our strong encryption allows us to collect, process, transfer and host data for your specific ICE Smart City applications without any risk.


Be in the present. Our edge computing technology collects and processes data locally and in real-time. It enables you to decide in the present and increases your influence on your city.


Be limitless. Our open systems can be combined with any lights, sensors, devices, platforms due using standard protocols.


Be relaxed. The ICE Smart City applications can be managed by anyone. You do not need further IT-knowledge and can use any device to access our portal.



That’s how it works

From iceMEC ...

Our iceMEC – a revolutionary multifunctional edge computer – is the core technology to create your ICE Smart City applications. It enables you to power lights and sensors, run the applications in real-time and collect & process data locally.

to Tier III hosting center ...

After collecting & processing the data, the iceMEC transfers the data to a server which is embedded in a Tier III hosting center. We guarantee a high data security by encrypting the data during the transfer (SSH 2048) and connecting the iceMEC with the server (not vice versa).

to cloud and management system.

Subsequently, the data is communicated to a cloud which feeds the information into an online portal and mobile apps. The management system allows the customer to monitor, analyze and control the ICE Smart City application.

Our solutions

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Fixed Price Model:

1. Technical infrastructure: one-time cost

Hardware package consisting of adaptable mobile edge computers, various types of sensors, cameras, lights.

2.Services: flat rates

Smart management system that enables you to configure, monitor and manage your infrastructure in real-time.

3. Support: one-time cost and flat rates

Software maintenance and upgrades, hosting, connectivity, etc.

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