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Right in the heart of Kaiserslautern Minister of the Interior in Rhineland-Palatinate Roger Lewentz; Dr. Klaus Weichel, head mayor of Kaiserslautern, and CEO of Dr. Martin Verlage inaugurated the Smart-City-Project „Fauthweg“ on 12. August 2019.

During the last months the City of Kaiserslautern, and ICE Gateway had worked intensively on the path’s digitization and conversion of the of total ten streetlights. The 300-meter-long pilot line now includes the longest intelligent and interconnected line of luminaires in Rhineland-Palatinate. The smart line showcases various innovations. Push buttons and motion detectors control the lights on a demand-driven basis. The lights autonomously signal malfunctions and maintenance requirements. Projectors display warning messages on the sidewalk, if the pavement is slick. The luminaires can be controlled remotely, e.g. from a control center. Sensors for the measurement of temperature and humidity and frequency of use are also in place. The light itself is right where it is supposed to be: using modern LED technology reduces the energy consumption up to 70% when the light is turned on while the scattered light is being reduced immensely.

The “Fauthweg”-project helps Kaiserslautern to further establishes its role as a digital forerunner in Rhineland-Palatinate. It was a conscious decision to convert the existing streetlights, to create a sustainable example for other municipalities.

For the inauguration is an important step into the digital future, including a huge benefit for the citizens. Dr. Martin Verlage, CEO of, stated regarding the inauguration: „ The project is a perfect fit for the city of Kaiserslautern. The human being sets the tone here. Pedestrians and cyclists can individually adjust the illumination intensity by using a button and thus e.g. enlarge the brightness in case of a visual impairment of a heightened need for safety. Sensors measure the temperature and projectors show warning signs via letterings on the street, if it might be slippery.”

The company ICE Gateway developed the innovative Smart City solution and constructed the secure IoT-network based of their programmable Mobile Edge Computer (iceMEC). This solution paves the way to include, besides an intelligent light management, also the monitoring of environmental factors and traffic as well as the signaling of black ice.

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