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ICE Gateway participated in the first phase of the Galanta Smart City project. In the city center, 24 new smart lights with a LED light source and built-in intelligence were successfully installed. 

An overview of the project in ICE Gateway online management portal:

Project overview Galanta


An air quality sensor and a noise sensor have been installed on the new smart lighting system to control the current weather, noise level and air quality. Specifically, these sensors monitor the concentration of NO2, NO, SO2, CO, H2S and ozone, noise level, humidity and air pressure.

The lighting can be controlled remotely (dimmed, switched on or off) via a personalised portal. We create a real-time traffic data analysis to categorize and count different vehicles. This real-time traffic monitoring allows the light intensity of the public lighting to be reduced at night - when the roads are deserted - leading to energy savings. 

With a surveillance camera integrated into the lighting pole and portable emergency call buttons connected to an IoT platform, the city of Galanta increases its residents' perception of safety.

Real-time traffic data from iceTRAFFIC management portal:

Real-time traffic data Real-time traffic data

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