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The City of Darmstadt, which is in charge of one of the lighthouse projects in Germany in the context of Smart City developments, has installed a number of services in the city centre in close cooperation with ICE Gateway.

An overview of the project in ICE Gateway online management portal:

Project overview Darmstadt


The installation consists of a network of iceMEC (Mobile Edge Computer) and a variety of sensors. Air quality management and the analysis of the actual traffic situation are key topics almost every city is looking for. The installation of the equipment was done in close cooperation with the city. As the ICE Gateway system is a plug & play system which only needs 220V but no further infrastructure adjustments, we had been able to install the system within less than a day.

Real-time dwell time data from iceMARKETING management portal:

Real-time dwell time data


With the iceMEC we developed an easy to install solution for traffic measurement. We enabled the city of Darmstadt to analyze traffic at one of the most important crossroads. As a result, the city's employees are able to monitor and to improve the traffic situation througout the day. 
By installing noise and weather sensors, the city is now able to measure noise levels on the road as well as nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, temperature, air pressure and humidity.

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