Project description

During Q4/2018 we installed an exciting solution around the Bürstadt railway station. The project was executed in close cooperation with the city administration, Thüga, SRM (responsible for the streetlights) and Selux, our cooperation partner for high-quality lighting solutions.

Start der Smart City Anlage im November 2018

An overview of the project in ICE Gateway online management portal:

Project overview Bürstadt


At the request of SRM, Selux had integrated all technical components - iceMEC and WLAN hotspots - into the luminaires. No technical components can be found on the luminaire pole. The installed parking solution works with on-ground sensors connected to an iceMEC. The iceMEC then transmits the information if a parking space is free or occupied to the ICE Gateway Management Portal. In the next stage of the project, displays could be installed in Bürstadt to inform the residents about the parking situation at the station in real time, alternatively through the Bürstadt City App.

Real-time parking lot utilization data from icePARKING management portal:

Real-time parking


With the installation of 44 smart streetlights, a parking solution, free internet access and the embedded security functions, the city of Bürstadt acts now at the forefront of Smart City developments.

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