Project description

In 2015, ICE Gateway installed 94 new smart lights with a LED light source and built-in intelligence close to our beloved headquarter in Adlershof, Berlin.


The smart light installation allows you to individually dim and switch off each light by using our management system. In addition, you can program the system in accordance to your needs and automatically change the light intensity on any given day and time. The smart traffic installation enables you to monitor and analyze the traffic flow between 24 nodes which equals 34 different routes.

Real-time light point details from iceLIGHT management portal:

Real-time light point details


Due to our smart lights and its management system you save energy and costs. The analysis of the traffic flow has shown a lack of parking spaces – drivers circle the streets. Overall, our technology has been proven to be working without flaws. With our IoT solutions the area Adlershof is truly living up to its slogan “Science at work”.

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