Czech Republic


Project description

In 2018, ICE Gateway installed 92 new smart lights (including 6 retrofits) with a LED light source and built-in intelligence in the area of Karlín Square, downtown Prague. So far, it has been the largest Smart City project in the Czech Republic.


The intelligent lighting system enables remote control, automatic switching on and off as well as light dimming. In addition, some luminaires have been equipped with 47 sensors that analyze current climate, dispersion conditions and monitor air quality. Free internet access for citizens and tourists has been provided through WLAN hotspots installed at 27 luminaires. 


The purpose of this pilot project was to test the installation and management of smart lights in combination with a sensor network for the collection, analysis and evaluation of real-time data. As the project evaluation showed, the data is accurate and reliable and can therefore be used to display the actual air quality at particular streets and different locations. This project proved to be a very important step towards further development of Smart Prague.


(CO2, NO2, SO2, ozone, noise, dust particles and temperature)

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