Our communication solutions build a bridge to the digital age - by using modern advertising instruments, local companies can increase the advantage of their presence in the city.

Location-based advertisement

Analyze the movement in the city to inform local business when specific advertisement strategies work best.

New revenue potential

Generate new revenues by combining the businesses’ local knowledge and the global approach of digitalization.

Adapted content

Share useful information with your citizens and employees via our secure local infrastructure.


Our solutions create digital business opportunities for local businesses by providing them with the necessary data for successful, data-driven advertisement strategies.

Inform pedestrians about marketing actions and vouchers from local businesses and increase the revenue.

Give pedestrians the opportunity to download local content safe intranet.

Detect and analyze the movement in the city and effectively coordinate the use of marketing actions.

Provide internet access via Wi-Fi hotspot.

Learn more about our smart solutions for mobility, energy, IoT and security.

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