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The deployment of qualified personnel is a significant cost factor for security companies. Especially short-term bookings for guarding objects or exhibition stands are difficult to realize. iceDETECT is a 24/7 real-time service that is used in facility management, by security companies as well as trade fair providers.

iceDETECT increases the quality of service and significantly reduces the associated costs. Optional accessories such as cameras, audio alarms or sensors extend the range of services.


24/7 Trusted Security Solution

The sensor-controlled monitoring system developed by ICE Gateway offers the following advantages: 24/7 availability. Mobile usability. Long battery life for overnight use. Sensors can be switched on and off for targeted monitoring of rooms and objects. Detects movements of authorized and unauthorized persons. Includes an additional manipulation alarm that detects when the device is moved or pushed.

The iceDETECT protection system

iceDETECT monitors its environent within a radius of 8..10 meters with different sensor technologies.

360° Radar Sensor

The radar sensor system detects movements within a range of 360°. The radar sensors can be switched on and off depending on the location.

Passive infrared sensor technology

Five passive infrared sensors mounted in the device can be switched on and off individually. As a result, an accurate coverage of various safety areas can be achieved.

Pay per Use

iceDETECT is a Saas concept. You only pay for the service when iceDETECT is in operation.

Holistic Security Concept

The security system consists of an edge computer, different monitoring sensors, a specially developed operating software and a web-based portal to configure and monitor the activities within the area to be protected. The data is transmitted to the ICE Gateway Management Portal via a highly secure M2M network for further analysis. Alarm messages are individually programmable and can be sent by email or SMS.

Management Portal

With the purchase of your iceDETECT you will get full access to the Ice Gateway management portal which includes the following functions:

Administer & Monitor

Plan, assigne and configure each iceMEC Detect individually.

Access & Alerts

Alert information (see below), alert tracking & reporting.
Using Detect Buttons, you can assign access to different user groups.

Real-Time Alert

iceDETECT is mounted on a tripod and positioned at the location to be monitored. After the device has been activated, unauthorised access is detected and authorised accesses are logged. Only authorised persons wearing a pre-programmed sensor are granted alarm-free access. The system can be used in combination with a service centre or directly with a computer and a tablet.
  • Transport case incl. charging station 230V/2,5A
  • 3 battery powered iceMEC Detect
  • Detect Buttons to grant access
  • Tripod diameter 35mm, height up to 1,80 meter
  • Full access to the management portal
  • iceMEC Detect operating system
  • SW updates
  • Secure M2M network connectivity
Technical Specification
  • 360° detection with 5 PIR sensors (each covering 72°)
  • Motion detection radius 8m - 10m
  • Bluetooth (to connect the Detect Buttons)
  • Connectivity: M2M based 3G,4G data transmission, Ethernet, WiFi (2,4/5GHz)
  • Voltage: 230 V AC
  • Battery runtime: 28h
  • Temperature operation: 10 - 30° C  / Temperature transport: 10 - 45°C
  • Dimensions iceMEC Detect: diameter 208mm, height 290mm
  • Weight net: 11,2 kg / Transport weight 19 kg
Service extension
  • Connector for optonional devices e.g. camera, audio alarm & sensors (temperature, humidity...)

Your iceDETECT can be easily extended which allows you to enhance your security or service proposition.

  • iceVIDEO

    Add a camera to iceDETECT to send video streams.
  • iceAUDIO

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