Barrier-free Navigation Guidance System for Blind or visually impaired People

Real accessibility in public transport needs to be more than adding tactile guidance systems or elevators. Passangers also need to access all information about the arriving vehicles, ideally in real-time and on-site.

And thats just what we do.


iceMEC M Box

inside the bus

  • iceMEC M Box

    inside the bus

Realizing accessibility in public transport

According to § 8, Abs. 3 PBeFG a accessibility in public transportation is to be realized until January 1st 2022 in Germany. The combination of our Edge Computer, speech recognition, AI and real-time-data processing collects and processes all necessary data and delivers the information to the user via their mobile phone.
We digitize all necessary real-ime information and provide it directly to the user.

our partners operating in the field of public transportation (busses, trams, trains) are now able to test this innovative solution within their own pilotproject.

Start of testphase!

First fields tests of iceASSIST are starting early this summer in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia - we are now ready for new partners, setting up  their own pilot projects and scaling the installation when pleased with the outcomes.

You are - a provider of public transportation services, a transit agency, an energy provider, a municipality or city government?

You have - already planned measures for accessibility in 2021, you are already upgrading your stops and vehicles?

Then check out iceASSIST in your own on-site pilot project!
iceASSIST is the extension of known constructural modifications for accessibilty and makes the information of vehicles in public transport available to all users - digitized and accessible.

What we need for this?
Access to:
- 5 buses or trams of one line for installing our edge copmputer
- read permission for the IBIS interface at the board computer
- access to the databses for GPS-coordinates, bus lines and arrival times

What you receive for your  passangers!
The voice controlled digital assitant app iceASSIST (white label version can be seemlessly integragted in existing applications). The design of this app is intentionally minimal and fully tailored to the function of speach controll (in- and output).

test iceASSIST in an on-site pilot project

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