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ICE Gateway participated in the first phase of the Galanta Smart City project taking place in the city center where the installation of 24 new smart lights with LED light source and built-in intelligence has been successfully finished.

An overview of the project in ICE Gateway online management portal:

Project overview Galanta


An air quality and noise sensor were installed on new intelligent lighting to monitor current climatic and dispersion conditions and control air condition. Specifically, these sensors are monitoring the level of NO2, NO, SO2, CO, H2S, ozone, noise, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Lighting can be controlled (dimmed, switched on or off) remotely via a personalized portal. We provide real-time traffic data analysis based on flow management and classified counting as well as marketing data overview. Thanks to the live traffic monitoring function, it is possible to reduce the intensity of public lighting in the night hours in desolate streets, thereby contributing to significant energy savings.

Through a surveillance camera integrated in the light pole and connected to an IoT platform together with portable SOS buttons, the project provides the city with a security system that will help the city of Galanta keep its citizens safe.

Real-time traffic data from iceTRAFFIC management portal:

Real-time traffic data Real-time traffic data

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