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ICE Gateway

Connected City summarizes the concept behind ICE GATEWAYs strategy: our wireless infrastructure (IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service) optimizes the outdoor lighting and adds many value-added services for people passing by lights and also for sensors and devices (IoT: Internet of Things) in smart cities. ICE connects the streetlights into a high bandwidth (3G) infrastructure for services concerning outdoor lighting, traffic, parking, logistics, real-time marketing, tourism and security. Our customers have no additional efforts and hidden costs. They do not need any ISP (Internet Service Provider) or new telecommunication contracts, and will be able to use the ICE IaaS in combination with their preferred suppliers of lights, devices, applications and sensors.




The ICE LED System ensures a reduction of 50% to 80% in operational costs for street lights through energy efficient LED products, exact timing to turn on and off the lights and dimming ability, which ensures the DIN (German norms for street lighting) recommendations. Our solution is supplier independent. We help you to select between new LED lights or other cost-efficient LED lamps (up to 90% less expensive) from any supplier and to provide a detailed light planning. Most importantly, the city architecture does not change.



The cloud-based services for lights (light portals) enable the remote control and remote maintenance of a single or a group of lights via secured Web and App services. We ensure the DIN (German norms for street lighting) values for given time frames and for all dimming scenarios. We offer business processes such as permissions and veto rights to enable an effective cooperation between city departments and any light operator. We support you to select the right dimming calendar, to set up precise timings for on/off switching and finally to take the right decisions based on analysis diagrams (such as energy consumption for 15-minutes intervals).



Our sensors can measure environmental data (such as CO2 and ozone values), count objects and determine traffic flow. Any other sensors can be connected at a low-cost to the ICE Gateways and used day and night (24/7). There is no need for additional batteries and solar panels on street poles, which significantly affect the city architecture and are very expensive. We support you in the selection of suppliers, the installation and also provide the necessary cloud services and Apps.



› Does not change
› One multifunctional system
› No unnecessary product bundling
› One sustainable installation for multiple value added   services


› Easy Plug&Play installation
› No additional installation required
› No additional IT required


› Secure data processing
› Secure data transmission
› Secure hosting infrastructure


› No hidden costs
› Complete end-to-end solution
› Amortization by energy savings


... a modern city serving its citizens to make life easier, safer, more comfortable.

... finding a parking space in crowded city streets is no longer stressful and time-wasting.

... exploring a city would not require tourist guides or other maps: the necessary information is “in the air”.

... citizens feel safe and protected: they can just press a button in case of an emergency.