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End-to-end IoT solutions
by ICE Gateway

With financial support from the European Regional Development Fund we have realized the project iceSIT: Sustainable Infrastructure for public Transportation. iceASSIST is its product available for our customers.

We improve Mobility, Energy, Environment, Marketing or Security. That way, cities, enterprises, shops, traffic and much more are able to keep up with and improve people’s lives. With our multifunctional edge computer system, we add and enhance functionality to meet the demands of progressive citizens and businesses alike.

Our mission

To improve the citizens’ quality of life in all its dimensions: mobility, environment, security and economic opportunities. We take a user-centric approach to our innovation and continue pushing the boundaries of Smart City technology.

Our solution

The next generation of Broadband IoT solutions begins with our Ecosystem. iceMEC - the world’s first multifunctional Mobile Edge computer for Smart City & Enterprise applications. iceNET - a secure and cost effective solution to send your data. iceCLOUD - our sophisticated platform to visualize your information.

Your benefit

Installing the iceMEC and using our smart services enables you to efficiently manage your existing infrastructure. Installation is easy, adaptable to any infrastructure and scalable anytime in the future.

Name your visions. We implement them.

How do you envision your intelligent infrastructure? What kind of chances and possibilities can we offer you to accompany your city to become a smarter city?

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